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Mission Statement

The mission of the Dallas Police Explorer Program is to build individual character, develop leadership skills, gain an appreciation of community service, and develop good citizenship. This is done through positive interaction with Dallas Police Officers.



The Dallas Police Department is committed to providing an opportunity for young people to have positive interaction with law enforcement. The Explorer program offers a safe place to learn law enforcement techniques, as well as leadership skills, to help our youth avoid negative behaviors that would otherwise limit their future options.  Since its inception over 40 years ago, over 200 Dallas Police Explorers gone on to careers in law enforcement – most of them with DPD.



 The Dallas Police Explorer Program is designed to further the Explorers education, encourage their participation in a wide variety of service activities, and enhance their leadership roles as citizens as well as future law enforcement officers. The Explorer program also provides opportunities for scholarships, as well as team building outings such as camping and a police academy experience.  


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